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  • Justin - bass
  • Wes - guitar
  • Joey - guitar
  • Ryan - drums
  • Trent - vocals

Distemper has proven to be a supercharged five-piece band. Its members hail from Orange County and San Diego, CA. We have been together for two and a half years gigging throughout the Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County areas. The band is composed of Trent Guest on lead vocals, Wesley Guest on lead guitar, Joey Rowell on rhythm guitar, Justin “McScratchy” on bass, and Ryan Squirrel on drums. Our sound is best described as alternative punk. Whether our audience is five people or five hundred people, they should always have the same expectations for a live Distemper show. People immediately feel the energy that Distemper brings to their shows. It does not take long for the audience to embrace the captivating lyrics, driving bass lines, and warming guitar riffs. We play music because we love music. We play for our friends (fans are friends as far as we are concerned). There is no greater feeling than being on stage while becoming completely absorbed into the music with our audience. We have successfully gigged with reggae bands, punk bands, rock bands, metal bands, and alternative rock bands. Our music seems to fit well with most genres. We have played on stage, in parks, at skate parks, in stores, in backyards, and even in a living room or two. We will play anywhere if there is an audience. Please contact us, we are ready and willing to play anytime and any day, we leave it up to you to name the place.

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Booking & Contact Info:
619 379 7675

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