3 Last Words
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  • Jim - guitar, Vocals
  • Bernie - drums
  • Mike - bass, Vocals

In mid March of 2001, guitarist/vocalist Jim Hughes (Under Bite) and guitarist Rob Perelman (Alphabet Records) determined that the best way to convey their thoughts and feelings was through music. So they started a band and soon after, long time acquaintance Bernie Tiano (Fat Chance) joined as percussionist. The pattern was set but the band was not yet a whole. The band was then named “Perfect Vacation”, and the sound that was being made was primarily rock music. Months went by and Rob had to leave the band to go on Warped tour to work for Midtown, then later to tour with Fenix TX. Jim and Bernie were left with the task of finding a steady bassist and rhythm guitarist to complete this new sound. Next came Pennsylvanian and veteran bassist Mike Frey (Parting Shot). Mike brought a touch of the east coast hardcore feel into the music. By this time they had all decided, due to the fact that none of the original members of Perfect Vacation still were involved with the band and the music had changed drastically, they chose to name this new invention “3 Last Words”. Now that “3 Last Words” has finally been completed as a band, the next step has been developing style and playing numerous shows in the San Diego county area and writing more intricate songs. They have recorded a pre-production demo and will be completing their first E.P. in July of 2002, and hopefully touring the west coast by mid summer. This completely dedicated and utterly talented group of musicians will undoubtedly be turning some heads in the near future.

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