Venue Review
Turquoise Coffee

July 30th 2007

By Allison Barnes, SDAM Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Barnes

Turquoise Coffee

Earlier this summer, I played a small set at Turquoise Coffee in Pacific Beach (I'm a musician, by the way). I did not advertise the show, but still, there were people listening, and I made tips. The customers as well as employees were very friendly. It is a very laid back show that was just completely and utterly delightful.

When you first enter the coffee shop, it seems quite small and cramped. However, once you descend down a small hallway, the true beauty of Turquoise reveals itself. A large, comfortable room is at the end of the hall, filled with couches, chairs, and tables. The color scheme is a warm brown (I believe the walls are yellow, but not in a bright obnoxious way- a warm, worldly way). A glass door opens out into a courtyard with additional sitting. Beautiful art adorns the walls, created by local artists I believe.

Saturday morning is an amazing time to hear live music, and Turquoise Coffee is the perfect place to do so. Grab a pastry and hot chocolate one foggy morning and enjoy! You will love it.

If you are an artist, consider playing here as well. It was one of the nicest shows that I have played.

Live Music Schedule: Saturday/Sunday mornings, 10am-12pm "Thursday Night Live", 6-10pm

For more information, check out the Turquoise Coffee Web site.