Venue Review
Hot Java Café

August 8th 2007

By Allison Barnes, SDAM Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Barnes

Hot Java Cafe I have attended several shows at Hot Java Café in Carmel Mountain Ranch over the past couple of years. It is probably Rancho Bernardo's best free music venue and coffee house.

The atmosphere is very warm, with many chairs and couches inside of the venue, though not always enough- On one occasion, a group of teenagers actually came in and sat on the ground in front of the stage as all seats were filled.

Music can be heard outside of the venue, prompting those passing by to stop and listen. Beautiful local art for sale fills the walls of Hot Java Café as well. It is a haven for visual and performing art, both amateur and professional.

The Café hosts open mic nights on Thursday and Sunday nights and features booked shows on Friday and Saturday nights. A complete and regularly updated show schedule, as well as information about open mics and booking can be found on the café's myspace page.