Show review
the Cannibal Bar - Mission Beach, San Diego

May 25th 2003

By Kate Moodie, SDAM Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Moodie

These guys really know how to kick it! Rarely have I been lucky enough to enjoy an afternoon with such individually unique talent able to harmonize so well with each other while maintaining such a dynamic sound unlike any of the typical bands- usually only able to pull off a reggae sound with a good synthesizer and well known Marley cover.

Upon arriving at the venue, I admit, I thought 'how did a country club sneak its way into MB?' Nonetheless I managed to find a table amidst the mixed crowd and settled in with a pitcher and a couple good friends when seemingly out of nowhere, the music filled the air. All of a sudden I thought to myself 'these guys are a hidden treasure I would have liked to find sooner!'

Solos by lead guitarist Arturo had everyone stop in their tracks to appreciate his Zeppelin-like manipulations, the drummer and percussionist Jamie and Toby got the crowd on their feet, and vocalist Dan kept them all in sync throughout the show with his amazingly fluid tone. With the help of Mason, Mike and Isaac to bring them all together, never I have seen such big talent on such a small stage!

These guys have an instinctual ability to create a vibe for any crowd. Some where inspired to get up and dance, others simply sat back and enjoyed the company of friends and cold beer, but certainly all within earshot of these guys were nodding their heads and tapping their feet.

Mad props to the sound technicians at this venue as well! And you can bet that I'll be first in line when they return in June.

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