Show Review
On The One • Toubab Krewe • Lady Dottie and the Diamonds
Ocean Beach Street Fair

June 23rd 2007

By Kristin MacDonnell, SDAM Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 MacDonnell

On The OneOn The One
San Diego's On the One knows how to rock OB with a bit of a jazz flair. Think of a cross between smooth jazz with reggae flair, but with spasms of rock thrown in between. The guitar was constantly wailing, which is what seemed to keep the flow of the music going. But for me, the piece de resistance was the way the saxophone and bass would seem to counterpoint each other.
The musicians really seemed into the music, and were excited to be playing live. The music had all of the right beats, and to switch songs, instead of pausing, they'd jump into a jazz interlude, switch up the music, and then go again. These guys had intense energy, and it definitely passed to the crowd. They knew exactly how to keep the music at just the right level, and before you knew it, you were rocking and swaying to the music. During the last song, On the One switched from reggae to rock, pushing the crowd to head bang and push to frenzy. Honestly, I would go see these guys again because they are so much fun to watch. They throw smiles at each other and the crowd, and know exactly how to entertain. It helps that the music is good, and has a chill but bouncing effect. The unique way they blend styles make for a good time for all... and begs to be listened to as often as possible.
For more information about One The One, visit their Web site.

Toubab Krewe Toubab Krewe
Toubab Krewe, the West African style band from Ashville North Carolina, had the stuff to keep people moving at the OB Music Festival. They kept the music going, and with the west African harps, they had the entire crowd swaying and bouncing to the music. The drums and percussions were intense, and I think it actually changed my heartbeat. This with the harps made for an amazing time. Toubab Krewe didn't even need lyrics to their songs. The engony sang enough to keep the crowd entertained, but what really impressed me is the fact that the songs never seemed to stop. While the guitarists would stop to tune their guitars or switch for a different one, the drummers would keep the beat going.
The band kept a cool and relaxed demeanor throughout the whole slot, but managed to pull the crowd into the music. In comparison to their CD, TB's live set is bouncing, and has more feel, more life, and more swing to it. But what sold me on this band is the song that was entirely percussion and drums. All of the band members had a drum or a bell, and went to town on the beats. The crowd and I loved it, and I know for a fact these guys are going to go very far. Pick up their CD, but just know, they're much more fun in person.
For more information about Toubab Krewe, visit their Web site.

Lady Dottie and the Diamonds Lady Dottie and the Diamonds
If Sylvester Stallone and James Brown were to have freakishly mutated together and created a woman who liked oldies but sang in a gospel style, you'd get Lady Dottie from Lady Dottie and the Diamonds. This oldies tribute band is cute and fun, and knows how to get a crowd moving by picking the right songs to get everyone in the crowd moving. The way Lady Dottie knew how to mix up some new slang with old flair and fun beats made nearly the whole crowd dance and groove. However, just because the music is fun and the crowd is going doesn't mean that the singing of the band is great. Dottie has a harsh voice, and when she talked to the crowd, it seemed like she was straining for breath and was grunting during the songs.
Her musicians were the saving grace. The guitar and harmonica were amazing, and the music flowed into a fast pace that made crowed and me want to spin with the music. The solos were fantastic, and the musicians knew what they were doing. If you're going to listen to Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, you've got to go for the love of the original songs, not because of her singing skill. The music keeps you entertained, and you'll be able to get your date and dance the night away.
For more information about Lady Dottie and the Diamonds, visit their Web site.