Show Review
Molly Jenson
Hot Java Cafe - Carmel Mountain

February 10th 2007

By Allison Barnes, SDAM Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Barnes

Molly JensonMolly Jenson Hot Java Cafe is always very crowded during shows, but even more so tonight. I, luckily, got there a half hour prior to the show, so I had time to hunt down a chair.

Molly Jenson was accompanied by Darla Hawn on percussion and Brandon Walters on guitar and backing vocals. She began the set with her song "Give It Time," setting the mood for the night with a strong pulse. Several audience members even joined in to sing!

The audience ranged from young adults to mature adults. I shared a table with Jenson's parents, who are obviously very supportive of their daughter's passion.

Molly JensonThe evening was very laid back, with Jenson talking to the audience in between songs. The set was arranged with contrasting songs, like "Give It Time," with a strong moving beat, being followed by "And You Were," a dreamier, softer song. She even threw in a fantastic cover of "When the Stars Go Blue."

Jenson performed a new song, "Sing To Me Love," proving her strength as an artist. Hopefully this year she'll release a new CD, which will be sure to please!

Be sure to check out my interview with Jenson on the SDAM Podcast dated February 16th 2007.

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