Show Review
the Epicentre - Movements, Running to the Embassy, Floors & Ceilings, Daysleeper

August 10th 2007

By Allison Barnes, SDAM Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Barnes

Epicentre Running to the Embassy, the band I play live in, played a show with some of our near and dear friends at the Epicentre, a safe, all ages venue in Mira Mesa. Many artists have played there, from the great Of Montreal, to many local bands.

The first set was played by the band Movements, which consists of two guys (Will and Danny), a laptop, guitars, and guitar pedals. Both were on guitars I believe, while the laptop added beats or sound clips to the music. Their songs are very epic, reaching up to about 11 minutes long. Unfortunately, as the show started late, Movements had to cut their set short.

Up next was Running to the Embassy. I cannot honestly review our set, but can say that the audience enjoyed it and Kendall and I had fun on stage.

The last song of our set was a cover of the Arcade Fire's "Rebellion(Lies)." For this song, we invited most of the band Floors & Ceilings on stage with us (three of the four members, as one had been out of town until just briefly before the show). It was exciting, featuring drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, tambourine, and vocals (ours as well as the audience's).

Following the song, Floors & Ceilings played: Matt on drums, Chelsea on bass, Danny (from Movements) and Aaron on guitars. Danny primarily sang, while Chelsea joined in on a couple of songs. I wrote about this band while reviewing the benefit concert at the Che Cafe (which can be found with the reviews), and I still uphold my belief that they are awesome. A strong beat is found throughout their music, while the bass assists in driving the song forward. The guitars create a very melodic feel to it, but don't get caught in dream land as this is straight up indie rock. At the Che Cafe show only Danny sang, so it was great to hear Chelsea this time. If you listen to one song of theirs, make it "Set You Aside." Kendall and I both get (excuse me for the following slang-) mega stoked when we hear it. It is by far my favorite, although all of their songs are great.

Last, but certainly not least, Daysleeper played. This group consists of Trevor on drums, Adam on guitar and vocals, and Cera on bass and vocals. This pop band is wonderful, and you will probably like them. Adam and Cera both have slightly airy, dreamy voices, accentuating the name "Daysleeper." Their sound is quiet comparable to that of the Silversun Pickups, which was agreed upon by myself and Aaron (Floors & Ceilings). If you listen to any song of theirs, listen to "Jane." Beyond their actual music, the band was very friendly (and, as I agreed with a friend upon, very trendy).

All of the bands were overjoyed to be playing this show. Although I had just met the members of Daysleeper and one member of Movements that night, I love them already. It was great to have four girls playing in the bands as well (Kendall, Chelsea, Cera, and myself). It evened things out a bit, if that makes sense. It was more like a big group of friends casually spending time together (while also meeting new friends, and just having an amazing time).

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