Show Review
Che Café Benefit Concert

May 18th 2007

By Allison Barnes, SDAM Staff Writer
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Che Cafe May 18th 2007 [View an image gallery from this show.]

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Aaron Cox asked my band to play in a benefit concert (which he was organizing for his high school senior project). I was actually playing in the first two bands of the night. A total of eight bands played:

I feel it is important to mention some other details, such as the venue. The bathrooms were disgusting, small, and had VERY little toilet paper. That's my only big annoyance. In other news, the sound man was very nice and helped me set up my instruments and such. During my set, he was so nice when I asked him to turn up the microphone on my glockenspiel. Thank you!

I can't really review the first two bands, as I am in both, but I can tell you about them. The first band was a pop band, Running to the Embassy, fronted by my friend Kendall Sallay. Instruments used included keyboards, guitar, melodica, glockenspiel, and tambourine. The second band playing was Foreign Loren, which I front. It's more of a folk band I suppose, in which we use the ukulele, guitar, keyboard, glockenspiel, melodica, and tambourine.

A huge standout includes The F***ing Buckaroos (I don't say the F word... so... sorry...), who came down to play from San Francisco. They can fall into the punk-bluegrass genre. It was absolutely amazing, fast, and pretty insane. People were dancing and a mosh pit even formed.

Floors and Ceilings was great for being such a new band. All members are currently in high school, which makes their catchy sound even more amazing. They will be recording some of their music soon.

Cancer Leo created an ocean of sound, considering the band only consists of a drummer and guitarist/singer. Unfortunately, the singer, Kevin, was a bit sick. The vocals are much clearer on the recordings.

The last band was Census, a punk rock band. The use of synthesizers set them apart from other bands. It was very interesting how the rock and ambient elements were incorporated, and with a bit of cleaning up, they could really go far with their music. It was a great end to a great five hour concert!

All bands were awesome and I enjoyed the entire show! I believe that Cox raised more than $500 for the Common Ground Collective. He did an amazing job organizing this, and I highly suggest that you listen to all of these bands.