Show Review
Arcade Fire
Spreckels Theater - Downtown San Diego

April 26th 2007

By Allison Barnes, SDAM Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Barnes

Valeri Last night, I attended the Arcade Fire show, which sold out on the same day the tickets went on sale. All of the "indie" kids and adults were there to see the band that influenced them so heavily.

The whole night was absolutely amazing. The band Cass McCombs opened the show. During this set, I looked across the theatre and saw Win and Régine (sweethearts who front The Arcade Fire) sneak out from backstage! They sat down in the back of an empty box. Several other band members shuffled in and out from backstage to watch as well.

The third song, Haiti (off of The Arcade Fire's first full length album, "Funeral"), was sung by Régine. This was the only time she wouldn't have an instrument to play, which gave her the freedom to dance.

ValeriNear the end of the show, people got out of their seats and melted together in the front of the camera pit. First, a few people went into the pit to dance. No one stopped them, and soon a larger crowd moved to the very front of the stage, enjoying every second. Nearby, a boy embraced his girlfriend, kissing her neck, overjoyed to be alive and sharing that moment surrounded by sound.

This is what the Arcade Fire does. Their lyrics tend to have a dark tone to them, but manage to provide hope. Near the end of the song "No Cars Go" (the version on "Neon Bible"), the tone changes to reflect uncertainty as the choir comes in to belt "Ah"'s. It then flips back to the lighter, more encouraging chord progression, ending on a light note. This is exactly what life is. Life gives so many amazing opportunities, but again can be filled with situations where we just have to take a chance on nothing. I'm certain that the Arcade Fire has given this hope and understanding to innumerable people.

ValeriThe band came out twice for encores. The very last song was "Neon Bible." Pages of a book were ripped to create an interesting form of percussion.

Aside from the actual concert, I went backstage after the show with some other journalists. I met some of the band members including Win and Sarah. I had a chance to converse with Régine and Marika for a few minutes as well. Others were deep in conversation with friends, but clearly pleased with the show. I should also note that they had to cancel the previous nine shows due to Win being ill. Everyone was overjoyed to be on stage to begin the North American tour.

Be sure to pick up "Neon Bible," "Funeral," and the Arcade Fire's 2003 self titled EP. I can promise you without a doubt that you will love this music.

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