CD Review
The Transit War
"Self-Titled EP"

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By Kevin McGoldrick, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 McGoldrick

The back of the bus, the muttering stops, the collective surge. And the busman purged of the wheel. But the violence, the overthrow. What does this war achieve if no one knows how to drive the bus but he?

And so begins the Transit War...
This blistering sore of chemo-core, more emo at its core than its long-lost cousin the punk whore. However, nonetheless whoring themselves in abhorrent themes of love and loss, to drawing out losing love and singing songs about "the girl". There is more mewlin than a pussycat, yet these guys ain't pussies. The muscled ripple through guitars that cripple you on the zero count. And while the vocal splatter, the grunts that shatter it all hint of political undertones they still cannot break free of her. Their Cursive KC stylings embedded with Henry Rollins in a tutu dancing to Jimmy Eat Boston.

If rock 'n' roll had training wheels, they would still be firmly attached, and while this EP is full of promise, of potential, I'd run away for now, the busman is nowhere to be found.

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