CD Review
The North Atlantic
"Wires in the Wall"

By Kevin McGoldrick, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 McGoldrick

Electronically engineered for your wired-in enjoyment, Such a pretty package, a product of the paranoid century. This is sophisticated programming for the kids.

A long way from the Atlantic coast atop Golden Hill, a lyrical pot roast of sorts, this tasteful collaborative of coarse, not in any way of the pacific sort. In their own words, "I am drunk under the electrics stumbling, scrambling, screaming, at the top of My lungs. Happy bruised f**king year and we walked, a picture fuzzy focus and we were climbing through the streetlights with our lives on our tongues."

The North Atlantic don't show us behind the curtain quite yet, but what they have begun to show is indeed precious. Two albums from now, the world screams and a wonderful road awaits. This is The Smiths and The Cure in all their emotional funk, this is the land of The Figgs, and upstate New York punk, and off to the side the diligent collide, the fans of DC Hardcore and the North Carolina lo-fi. This is incidental music with a dash of 80's electro-synth (aka Chicago's ADULT). And the lyrics, a genesis, an uncomfortable naivety, their nightmares are now in the light of the day. They are musically smart and in a mood all their own, the North Atlantic are cool, and want to so soon, rule you.

But for now a summer-time tour to patch up and refine their guitar driven electro-riveting message and to preach to their mechanized masses. This isn't reality, but fantasy was never as fantastically gritty as with Wires in the Wall. Buy it, keep it, wait 5 years, and listen to it again when the North Atlantic is headlining Glastonbury.

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