CD Review

By Kevin McGoldrick, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 McGoldrick

Do you know those bands who you can absolutely 100% tell that they are not paying attention to what they are creating, but are creating nonetheless. And do you know how 99.9% of these bands are creating nothing but complete musical junk, the Y chromosome of the musical world. Well I can say without a doubt Prizefight is of the .1%, they play to no one but themselves and their songs aren't contrived, aren't forced, aren't designed to conform to a genre (although many do), they play what they love and as a result their potential is unbounded.

The amp releases and the electrical beast unleashes, the spine is chilled and the heart for a moment still. Pure paralysis and exhilaration leads those unworthy souls to raise their lighters pleading for the music to release its hold. This is dynamic ferocity and sheer unabandon, when they let loose their guitars flail in dramatic At the Drive In fashion with Fugazi cheering on the side. They are unrelenting in their desire to push the issue and unresponsive in your attempts to ignore them. This, a band of lads, average and unassuming, yet set them together in their group of four and you'll be pleading for no more.

---On my way through Anza on the 374---

With a bit of curiosity and excitement I stick their self-titled CD in the player. While they have lived their plagiaristic days they are now anything but plagiaristic in their ways. This is June of 03 not of 44 and he is the Queen of His Own Age, not the Stone Age, with Mr. Enigk and the Frog Queen listening fervently from afar. It is at first raw in its power beautifully arranged in a showering of hard rock. But it's not spectacular, I'm not even all that impressed by the lack of Albini-esque, but my disappointment is tempered by a few moments, undeniable and impressive. "Sing at the End" is the best driving song since Tom Cochrane's "Life is a Highway" (for those 30-something's) Weezer's "Only in Dreams" (for those 20-something's) and Mogwai's "CODY" (for those indie-something's).

This is a band that can go places if things line up right for them, and while their CD is not nearly as impressive as the 3-D, it is still a must purchase for local music lovers. Just think, when you're old and dead you can still say you knew them when they were just boys with guitars not overgrown men.

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