CD Review
"The Mask"

By Kevin McGoldrick, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 McGoldrick

--Screens filled with words can't replace faces filled with emotion--

An infinitesimal droning, this is the Touch and Go of electronic kids and their anarchistic warnings. Falling backward in time, reading backward in kind, this is a fresh of breath air. Inside the space-time continuum components are exponentially raised by the power of 10. Not the SD scene and the punk rock glean, but the dark matter found, the unseen. In all your real day to day concerns always lie the ones who like to watch the birds and then those who like to point out that the birds are nothing but the pseudo philo-etch a sketch of an imaginary world. The Anti-Quark is of this Sketch a Etch variety.

I was always one of those musically deranged kids who were fascinated by a bands ability to stay on the chord of C for 11 minutes straight. Seemed so counter-intuitive, counter to all the melodies we grew up listening to. Who could possibly be patient enough to not cave into the prescribed ABA song structure? Of course, in hindsight I now realize that these rock 'n roll demi-gods of mine really only proved one thing, that there is a fine line between an absent mind, a genius and a drug addict. Whether Anti-Quark are sober innovators or chemically induced replicators, I have yet to see, but I love this stuff still. Musically founded on the euro-psychedelic mental gymnastics of Spacemen 3 and Komputer, it is mechanical computer music in the way that German silent films portrayed the downtrodden mechanized masses (the art-rock snob in action). Their pop sensibilities definitely heavy with Depeche Mode and the master of electronic pop Jimi Tenor in his G clef meanderings. Stylistically the Bubblegum Japanatronic of Pizzicato Five comes to mind, but in the much darker vein of the Juno Reactor and the "Bible of Dreams" kind. And at moments there is a lapse into the world of Lush pop and Prolapse.

While musically this album's patience manifests itself into a beautiful monotony, their lyrics break free from boundary completely. A free form investigation across the board even venturing into 9/11 with a song called "The Atta" from a hijackers perspective with a rather evocative chorus of "They did it for Allah!" This is the band for the anti-generation generation, for all those who have ever been tear gassed, for the anti-corporate movement, and anti-globalization sentiment, for all those lamenting in too many -ments this is for you.

Lyrically grounded and musically a brave bunch the Anti-Quark blaze new ground in a not so receptive hometown. This is a band that doesn't care to be socialized, like you and me; they simply do their own thing and do it well. If you like to Take Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To then "The Mask" is exactly what the doctor ordered. If you are wanting something different and more challenging than the regurgitated diet of garage rock and RRRiiiottt, then try the Anti-Quark. This is an urban wedding, not the petty PB deadening, but NY cool. You will not be disappointed.

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