CD Review
Super Sonic Samba School
"...invites Andy Villas-Bôas to Swirl"

By Abbey Olsen, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Olsen

This CD would make a great date. It's fun and light but sexy and put-together. The songs range from Carnival reggae to sultry sambas and sweet swings. Half the songs are in Portuguese and half are in English, but I found myself singing along to most of them. "Pria Pret" will have you shimmy-ing at stoplights and asking strangers to take their clothes off in Portuguese (it's song about Black's Beach). "Innersense" and "Stinging Dew" are also great for "car dancing," or actual Samba moves on the dance floor, if you have the Brazilian confidence to pull it off.

I checked out SSSS's Web site (man that's a lot of s's). They've been performing around San Diego since 1990 and their performance experience comes though in the CD. You can tell that these guys know how to entertain a crowd. All in all, it's a fun CD that's great to listen to if you are in a good mood or would like to be in a good mood.

On a side note, there are some killer Portuguese pick – up lines though out this CD (translations are listed in the sleeve).

Here are a few gems to try out this weekend:

Oi, amor, te quero tanto! (Oh, honey, I want you baby so bad).

Me pace Dancar! (Ask me to Dance).

Mainha, mexe sempre assim tao bem! (Little mama, you shake so well.)

E como suen nao pudesse viver sem ti. (Its like I can't live without you).

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