CD Review
Republic of Letters - Spirit or a Ghost

By Allison Barnes
©Copyright 2021 Barnes

I first listened to this EP a couple of days ago. Since that time, I have been attempting to describe Chris Venti's vocals. I have yet to find a graceful way to do so. Therefore, Venti's vocals are strong, milky, jumpy, with a bit of natural vibrato forcing its way through. That is a horrible description, and I am sorry for that.

Republic of Letters is a local rock band featuring rather dreamy guitars, tight drumming, and a bass guitar pulling it all together. The vocals carry solid melodies, which is a lot more than other bands can say. The band naturally feels like a San Diego band (obviously), but could easily hold their own in a larger city like Los Angeles. Their popularity is steadily growing nationwide.

"Spirit or a Ghost," the band's EP, features six tracks. I highly recommend the song "No Time for Fears," though all tracks are strong. The vocal range here is particularly dynamic, creating a memorable structure and melody.

The EP is proof that Republic of Letters needs to be signed. This is indie rock at it's finest, and "Spirit or a Ghost" will definitely be in my iPod.


  1. Bridge
  2. Beating Faster
  3. Falling Back
  4. No Time For Fears
  5. Lost Within
  6. Spirit or a Ghost
  7. For more info on Republic of Letters, visit their Web site or their MySpace or their merch site