CD Review
Randy Phillips
Wild Horses

By Victoria Joven, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Joven

When this lady sings, you better listen. Randy Philip's third album, Wild Horses, is great - no doubt about it. Pop the CD in your car or your home stereo and you'll know what I'm talking about. The selection of songs on this album will definitely take you for a ride. Regardless of what mood you're in this album is for you, because as the magic unfolds, it will take you wherever your imagination allows.

Philips takes you along with her as she embarks on her own personal journey from tranquility to a full on sound that will definitely keep you moving! Each song in Wild Horses represents a different phase of the personal experience. Definitely check out tracks 2, 8, and 7. The lyrics delicately reflect the thoughts of a woman who knows herself well. Above all else, Randy's vocals make this album irresistible.

At a time when the industry sometimes confuses the meaning of good music by how many albums is sold, Wild Horses proves that quality still prevails. Backed by some of San Diego's top musicians, Wild Horses can definitely share shelves with the best of them.

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CD Release Party: March 16th 2003, Lamb's Players Theater, Coronado