CD Review
Peter Bolland

By Cindy Blaser, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2018 Blaser

Lightness of guitar, Light voice, wise man...young sound.

Coronado bridge
Felt like I was going through the emotions of suicide - couldn't skip to the next song even though I wanted to - too sad - felt the pain and feeling of helplessness we have all felt at one time or another even for but a brief moment. PAIN, it kills you and this is a song that speaks to the reality of that pain

Twangy country feel with timeless passion - raw emotion and pure drama.

Sad stuff. Life is that way. Lonely times, hunger for something bigger and better -

Dirty Bones
We all feel the limits of our humanity at times. Dirty because no matter how hard we try to be perfect we cannot be all the time, and bones because we are all just a shell, matter that is filled with something more - an energy we want to share through love that transcends the dirty bones we call Humanity - Mistakes, yearning - .limited by humanity - struggling to figure out the meaning - dreaming - spirituality blows through us like the wind - can love transcend the limits of our humanity?

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