CD Review

By Casey Rieder, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Rieder

Within the first five seconds, it is easy to hear that Meghan is a product of women's liberation. Her aggression and passion infuse both her singing and lyrics. This is an empowered woman playing inspired music throughout the album. Meghan draws instant and continuous comparisons to Ani DiFranco and countless other embittered neo-folkies.

Meghan's self-titled release sounds more like poetry with background instruments than full-blown music. Social commentary abounds on this album as she sinks her teeth into popular culture such as reality television. Politically-charged as this album is, "Meghan" still finds space for some ballad-esque songs which enhance the diversity of the music. Clearly, Meghan has more than mere dime-a-dozen empowered-female appeal.

Nonetheless, Meghan's songwriting has not reached maturity. As the album proceeds, the lack of creativity and ingenuity lulls the listener towards apathy. Songs start to sound all-too-similar towards the end, and an album with fewer tracks would have sufficed. Overall "Meghan" succeeds, and her next release promises to be an excellent record.

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