CD Review
Lee Tyler Post
House of Miles

By Isaac Lassiter
©Copyright 2021 Lassiter

Lee Tyler post feels deeply what he sings. Not once in his solo singer-songwriter album do the lyrics or the guitar playing feel forced. Adding significant guitar melodies to his soul-ful voice, Tyler Post gives you a soulful rocking album that is well worth picking up. The first thing I noticed about the album was that the man is playing tight, sharp melodies. For that reason, what would have to be seen as a softer album considering the heavy state of many current releases, Tyler Post does a really good job pulling off a solid long release without ever "shredding" or rocking out too hard. The man has something to say, spicing religious themes and good philosophy in with his laments of love and love lost.

1. Cruel World Intentions- "To hell with the devil", this line immediately struck a funny chord b/c of a Christian-rap group I had seen as a kid (MC Talk), who if I remember correctly had a hit song that proclaimed this somewhat strange, somewhat redundant, somewhat bizarre phrase. Tyler Post adds tight changes, medium-highs to the mostly melodic and softer lows, and shows a highly developed voice in his music from the gate. I thought that I would enjoy the whole album after this song, and the uniuqe pacing told a story itself within the song.

2. Heart Like a Train- "We'll find the proof that we're all just a memory," This softer song philosiphizes and cleans the skeletons out of the closet, while still pushing some solid soul through.

3. Tilted- He shows great range here, moving deftly from vocal highs to lows, thought he might somewhat overuse the fast/slow tempo maneuver to affect the lyrical flow.

4. Hearts- This song catches you immediately. It is, without a doubt, my favorite song on the album. It is smooth, sweet song that you would want to play for a good friend on a Sunday afternoon on the way to the beach, or maybe when you just leave San Diego on the way out on a road trip with an ex-girlfriend you haven't seen in a long time. "Two hearts, could never beat as one, as long as they are ours." I have to say, I'm sitting in the "Sad Cafe" with Tyler Post and the love he lost there, and I can see myself there as well.

5.Memphis- Ok, maybe because both sides of my family are Tennessee-hillbillies, i'm a sucker, but this TN themed song makes you feel good about the road trip that takes you "down the road".  In the opposite way that a West Coast road trip takes you to that next distant city or spectacular natural spot, a Southeastern road trip takes you minute by minute through new towns where very different people live their lives in ways you will never understand. The depth of the lives and souls that you pass and completely miss add a dimension of understanding that shows to you more modestly your cultural place in the world. I think it makes the public more appreciate the importance of each person participating in the roots of arts and music culture. "Memphis" speaks, and I love how he says, "Nashville, I take comfort in your pouring rain", that negatively defining moment for many becomes a reason to grow and keep moving forward. That simple acceptance of life, path, and where the road has led you today is more subtly and deftly stated here than in almost anything else i've listened to.

All of the songs on this album reflect good production and thoughtful lyrics that are insightful and fresh. The guitar work paints the lyrical sentiments well, and his lingering leads are not overdone. I would have to reccomend this album to the music fans in San Diego and beyond. I hope that you'll enjoy the images that this album brings you, and seeing what good and hard memories that it envokes. Get a bottle of wine, a friend to relax with, put it on and enjoy. Don't miss "The Petals of Rain", track #10, and the mellow/easy let down of the album.

For more info on Lee Tyler Post, visit his Web site.