CD Review
Konkreten Musik Werken

By Allison Barnes
©Copyright 2021 Barnes

When first looking at the CD, you can't read it. No, really - the cover isn't written in English. When you load the CD in your computer, 16 tracks will pop up. You'll get confused and instantly yell, "WHAT?!!"

In all honesty, while listening to the first track, I was confused. A majority of the first track is speaking. It is six minutes long. I would advise you to skip this track unless you really want to know what is going on.

The first minute of the second track really pulls you in. It slowly builds, and you'll wonder what exactly is it building to.

All of the sounds on the album are acoustic representations of physical events and objects, such as waves, blood flow, sand on the beach, and the physical response of skin moisture to heat.

There are two tracks for every acoustic representation. The first of the pair is vocally explaining what is going on. The second is the actual track made from the audio. If you like science, you'll find this whole album extremely interesting. If you just like music (especially odd and uncommon music), you'll like the audio tracks, but probably not the explanations.

Either way, it'll blow your mind.

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