CD Review
Kite Flying Society - Where is the Glow?

By Allison Barnes
©Copyright 2021 Barnes

Here's where I get really giddy about San Diego and it's music: HOLY COW! So, WOW, the Kite Flying Society. I got their CD to review, threw it in my CD player in the car, and instantly fell in love. It's like the Shins and the Brady Bunch are on a houseboat together making music on the nicest spring day ever. This is probably the greatest San Diego indie pop and folk that I've ever heard.

You have to admit that there are a lot of generic rock bands and singer-songwriters in San Diego, which is perfectly fine. Heck, I've even brought my guitar to coffee shops several times. But this goes so far beyond that. I have never heard more pleasant music come out of San Diego.

The song "Ground Flower" has an amazing chorus melody line with peaceful harmony and "ooh's" going on around it. The vocals are mainly accompanied by the acoustic guitar. It's so simple but absolutely perfect.

"Hello June" is equally amazing and insanely cheerful. Various percussion is used, and again, "ooh's" flow in and out of the song. This is a perfect summer song. I've listened to this song so many times today. Also today, my smile has been twice as stretched. Coincidence? I think not. It's this song.

The last song on the CD, "When Clouds Collide," mainly uses a synthesizer and guitar behind echoing vocals. It really does feel like you're on a cloud. It ends the CD in a perfectly delicate manner.

Listening to just one track off of this record does not do it justice. Please invest the few dollars required to buy "Where is the Glow" by Kite Flying Society. Also, check for their local shows. They're also playing the Athens PopFest in Georgia this August (2007). This band is becoming HUGE!- and thank goodness! They deserve it.

Lastly, I'd like to apologize for how unprofessionally this review was written. I'm just really excited, and hopefully this excitement over the Kite Flying Society will travel over to you as well!

For more info on Kite Flying Society, visit their Web site or their Myspace