CD Review
John Foltz

By Victoria Joven, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Joven

This album definitely speaks of truth. With each note played on the piano, the intention of infecting people with the realities of everyday life is revealed. I found this album quite unpredictable, in a good way that is. When I read the title of a particular song, my brain instantly tries to create rhythms and melodies to match, but with this album, I am surprised by the stories told as each track moves to the next. It's a no nonsense album that attempts to reach you into your deepest parts.

The 13 tracks on the album display all the talents that a singer/songwriter should possess. His abilities on the keys and vocals along with the diverse selection of songs on the album, proves that Foltz is a man who truly grasps music and can't wait to get in your face to tell you all about it. This is definitely an album to add to your collection.

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