CD Review
Jocelyn Scofield - This Life

By Allison Barnes
©Copyright 2021 Barnes
Jocelyn Scofield

This girl is no pansy. From the first guitar riff, coming in within the first few seconds of the first song, you know that Scofield isn't your average singer-songwriter. Her voice echos this statement as well.

In a way, this CD haunts you. Violins are used in the backround to compliment the lyrics, which is evident in track two, "Vanilla Dreams." Lyrics include, "Took the road to California/Found sandy beds and salty air/Waiting 'round for nothing/Just a makin' love on the beach/We were everywhere." Strings set the mood perfectly for Scofield's love stories.

Like I stated before, Scofield is no pansy. She writes a killer love song, be it happy or sad, and does it all with a charging strength.

This rock/pop album would captivate many listeners. However, if you have a "screw that" attitude (especially about love), this CD is a must have.

For more info on Jocelyn Scofield, visit her Web site.