CD Review
High Rolling Loners - EP

By Allison Barnes
©Copyright 2021 Barnes

Three of the four band members are credited with vocals for this CD so I don't know who to credit specifically. Either way, the vocals in all songs are fierce and twangy. If I had to say one thing about the CD, that would be it. The vocals are definately a dominating instrument.

There is a steady beat in the music, which makes it perfect for a summertime road trip (although there are only five songs on this CD, so make it a quick road trip). Roll down the windows, set your lover in the passenger's seat, and drive to the mountains.

It is country music, but a very unique style of country. Even if you don't particularly enjoy country music (like myself), this is worth listening to anyway. If you like rock music, you'd love the electric guitar solos. If you're a visual artist, you'd enjoy their simple cover art (which initally drew me to this CD). There is something in this for almost everyone. You can't go wrong.

For more info on High Rolling Loners, visit their Web site.