CD Review
Dynamite Walls - EP

By Allison Barnes
©Copyright 2021 Barnes

We've got vocals, two guitars, bass guitar, drums, and a piano all wrapped into one wonderful package! Dynamite Walls has been compared to Keane, which initially drew me in. Although I don't find this completely true, if you like Keane, you will still probably like this band.

Dynamite Walls' 2006 EP starts with the song "Kiss and Ride." By the time you finish the chorus, you'll understand why I say "wonderful." Pritchard lets the passion seap through his voice, which I find to be similar at times to Bono's. You will be hooked.

The last song, "Bright Lights," slows everything down a bit. It's not as full forced as the previous tracks, but it is in no way inferior because of that. Just sit back and listen to it. You will be humming along in no time. The storytelling is still there, just wrapped in a slightly different vibe.

Whether they're pulling you in with a steady beat and a killer chorus (as in the first track), or giving you a soft hug late at night (as in track four), these guys put 100% into their music.

For more info on Dynamite Walls, visit their Web site.