CD Review
Cryin Blue Wine
Mad Married Circle

By Victoria Joven, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Joven

For a debut album, Mad Married Circle kicks butt. The trio proves that not only do they have the rock star look, but they've also got the vocals and the musical forte to back it up. They can share the stage with the best in rock. As I listened to this album I couldn't help but groove to the music.

Surprisingly, this is only their first album. Their guitar-driven sound catches your attention on the drop of the very first note. Though at times, they fit the formula of the typical rock sound, Cryin Blue Wine finds a way to stand out and prove to the audience that they've got a sound that's all their own. Especially in track 5, 8 and 11. They display the musicianship of those who are veterans in this field. Jason Merritt's vocals are unbelievable. The control and passion in his voice is definitely one to be heard.