CD Review

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By Casey Rieder, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Rieder

With their release "Nine," San Diego-based rock quartet BlueOrange carved out a comforting niche in the indie-rock scene. Not being much of an indie fan, I was surprised to enjoy this album as much as I did. My head bobbed to beat with a smile on face from the beginning to the end of the disc. A well-crafted album, "Nine" proves that BlueOrange possesses significant musical ability.

Attractive harmonies and creative instrumentation kept my ears attentive throughout the entirety of the recording. "Nine" is good mood, good-humored guitar rock. Sadly, such music is a rarity in much of today's musical climate. BlueOrange breathes fresh air into a popular sound that has recently become an endangered species. As overt anger and sexuality nearly own the airwaves, BlueOrange's relaxed happiness sates the optimist in us all. Catchy melodies and polished songwriting make "Nine" a pleasingly-poppy album.

During the length of this record, BlueOrange had me comparing them to such acts as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and indie icons Weezer. More appropriately, though, I would say that BlueOrange has taken the sound of The Spin Doctors and improved on it many times over. Although I do not listen much to any of these three groups, BlueOrange's sound immediately appealed to me. The most noteworthy track, regrettably, is also the album's weakest. BlueOrange's cover of The Beatles' "Can't Buy Me Love" leaves much to be desired, and its removal would have enhanced the entire record. Covering The Beatles often shows the limits of a band's capabilities, and this particular instance is no exception. Other than that, though, the album flows well.

My palate for indie-rock is not remotely discerning, but I nonetheless praise "Nine." This release demonstrates BlueOrange's imagination and tact as a musical group. A winning personality permeates throughout the album, and the band wins us over not just with the songs, but also with the compelling delivery.

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