CD Review

(see Casey's review of BlueOrange's other CD Nine)

By Casey Rieder, Staff Writer
©Copyright 2021 Rieder

BlueOrange appeals to the indie-rock fan in us all. With their release "Departure," the quartet focused its efforts on producing an easily-accessible album for listeners with diverse interests. Non-threatening and warm, this record exemplifies a band that wants nothing more than to play music. Marketability is not BlueOrange's top priority, and their concentration on music makes this album quite good.

"Departure" flows very well as an entire album. Inter-track silences do not interrupt the general happy-go-lucky emotion evoked by the record. This cohesive work serves as an ideal audio companion for a road trip, which, incidentally, is how I introduced myself to it. During a 4-day road trip from New York to San Diego, I marveled at how well "Departure" kept the attention and curiosity of both myself, (a fan of most music known to modern man), and my companion, (a die-hard electronica fan and club kid).

This album has no real standout tracks on it, which probably helps make it more cohesive. While the songs do not sound the same, none are terribly innovative either. Melodies and distorted guitar chords predominate throughout all nine tracks, and the indie-rock sound comes through crystal-clear. Nonetheless, "Departure" is an excellent roadway disc, as well as being a listener's delight. Anybody who enjoys Weezer will love BlueOrange.

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