CD Review
Acoustic San Diego Compilation CD

By Allison Barnes
©Copyright 2021 Barnes

The most obvious reason to purchase this CD: You want to attend shows at local venues but have no clue who to see! This compilation CD is full of artists who regularly play around San Diego. Your social life will increase dramatically with this CD.

As I really start digging into this CD, it’s quite enjoyable! While I’ve seen these artists’ names around, I haven’t taken the time to listen to them. This is the best way to. There are 19 musicians featured on the compilation: Christopher Dale, Matthew Blake, Gregory Page, Michael Tiernan, Paige Aufhammer, Fiffin Market, Josh Damigo, Free Air, Lenny Avenue, Kim Divine, J Turtle, The Gooses, Nathan Welden, Kyle Phelan, Annie Bethancourt, Aaron Bowen, Melody Prout, Tim Mudd, and Lindsey Yung.

This CD ranges from acoustic pop, to folk, to everything!

Fiffin Market’s “The Night Pat Murphy Died” is extremely unique for San Diego, telling a story to an upbeat Celtic-rock tempo. It seems like everyone was quite drunk on the night Pat Murphy died.

Gregory Page’s “Sleeping Dogs” is amazing. I’ve seen Page’s name SEVERAL times but never gave him appropriate attention. It’s a very quiet song, embraced by beautiful orchestration. No words can give it justice.

These are just a couple of the songs on this CD. I’m sure there is something to please everyone on this release, and I have found multiple tracks to my liking.

You can purchase this record for $8 at the Glorified Records Store. I highly recommend that you do this if you’re a San Diego resident, or really anyone who wants to hear great eclectic music!